The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Committee
extends a very
heartfelt thank-you
to all sponsors for 2021:


Benefactor-  $5,000 or More:

Anonymous Donor

Platinum Plus- $4,999- $2,500: 

The Congregational Church Summerfield, FL
Archons and Archousai of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity
Barbara Ritter Jones
John and Barbara Peck
Byron and Sandra Brooks
Alvin and Shirley Cowans
Ronald and Gloria Blocker
Wilfred and Donna Lucas
COL (R) Harry and Connie Lumpkin
Emerson and Geraldine Thompson, Jr.
Brian and Catherine Butler (JCB Construction, Inc.)

Platinum-  $2,499- $2,000: 

North Lake Presbyterian Church- Pathfinders

Diamond-  $1,500 to $1,999: 

Edith Stein
Randall Carswell
Indo-American Club
United Church of Christ at The Villages
Village Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, LLC

Opal- $1,000 to $1,499

Tri- County Unitarian Universalists Hope Lutheran Church in The Villages Anonymous Donor- In Honor of Dr. Bob Kimbrough Bob and Cathie Janson
Dr. Kathleen Williams (DBA Palm Ridge Dental)
William and Karen Lewis
Jeffrey Gower (Edward Jones)


Gold Level- $500 to $999

St. George Episcopal Church 1st Baptist Church at the Villages New Covenant United Methodist Church
The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Sumter County, FL Temple Shalom – Temple Sisterhood and Brotherhood
John Murphy
Mabel R. Prescott
Mary Ann Hickey Ken Klawitter and Barbara Sterling
Ronald and Toni Renna
Lee and Judy LeFaivre
Vincent and Norma Morris
The Villages Democratic Club
Vernon E. and Vivian C. Neal
The Rev. Canon Williard S. Squire, Jr. In Loving memory of
Margaret Squire

Silver Level: $300 to $499

James Eaton
Karen Ritchey
Bob and Sheryl Grant
Ernest and Carol Hawley
Howard and Peggy Roberts
Dr. Robert and Brenda Gold
Dr. James and Dawn Keogh
Dr. Thomas and Sally LaBaugh
The Sophisticated Gents of Florida
The African American Club of The Villages
Michael T. Cunningham and Karin A. Roosa
Walter Martin- In Loving memory of Janice Martin


Bronze Level: $150 to $299
Ina Lidsky,
James and Jill Greenberg
Josee and John Sasser, Jr.
Dennis and Sharon Roth
Michael and Sheila Conley
Joseph and Penny Stinton
William Klenk and Virginia Poe
Baha’is of Marion County,
Charles and Diane Jacobson
Mike and Cathy Koons
Jerome and Lydia Lumpkin
James and Jule McCormack
Diana and Ferman Durham
Malcom and Dorothy McCoy
Robert Caton
Dr. James M. Schear
Ella C. Taylor
Kathleen Steve
David and Dianne Dill
Robert Dunn
Frederick Felson
Beatrice Butler
Ellen Dugan
Arthur Kelder
Alan and Susan Gold
George and Mary Ford
Citizens First Bank
Robert LaLiberte
Janet K. White
H. Lee Conrad and Jeanette Dillenkoffer
Dr. James Young, Prostate Evaluation Center
Ree M. Noyes- In Loving Memory of Russ Noyes

Nathan and Heather Lumpkin
Sofia Buyniski
Shawn and Marney Lumpkin
Deborah Lee
William and Dr. Carol Parham, Jr.
Diane Kalla
Dr. Jean Christopher
Alvin Corenblum
Tom and Nancy Stires
Diane Dresback
Jan and Walter D. Ennes
Diane Mooney
Rob and Loretta Gattman
George and Janice Head
Fred and Cheryl Heller
Sondra Rib
Frances Spencer
Gail and Kathleen Lazenby
Adelaide W. Staton
Joyce Gilette
Ashok and Shashi Marwah
Elizabeth Schweers
Don and Cheryl Reynolds
Patricia J. Roberts
Gerard and Nancy Keidel
Anne Ellner
Allan and Robin Smith
Linda Lee Mitchell
Lois Hunter Bolin
Mary Hazel Lumpkin
Pamela and Kristin Cobb
Linda Ware-Brown
Richard and Linda Palo
Shanetta Ruffin
Ted and Stefanie Bristol
Audrey Desrochers
James and Joyce Deboer
Arthur Hart
Jean and Russell Gaull
Nancy Nahm
Cassandra D. Harris
Paul and Susan Hausner
Milo and Wilma Karhu
Kevin O’Connell
Huey and Charlotte Bridgman
Janet A. Davis
Temple Shalom:
     Susan and Stuart Feinberg, Reva Ceader,  Janice Cohen,  Jeff and Adrienne         Koltenuk, David and Sandra Horowitz, Allen L. and Jacqueline M.                      Wasserman,  Gary S. Resnick, Larry and Lynn Wallace,  Sharon and Steve         Soloman, Frances Cimino, Marsha and Martin Riefs

Linda Goldsmith

John and Kathryn Hansen

Henry and Donna Rahn, Jr.

Charles and Mary Place     
Russell and Melinda Adams

Virginia Ryan
Rick and Laura Easterbrook

Cathy Cirocco

Charles and M. Susan Lanning

M.S. Wright
Harold W. and Carolyn Moores

Hedy Durante

Adelbert and Susan Plummer

Alvin Craig

Cleveland and Doris Donerson

Jim and Donna Vacarro

Roland and Thelma Edwards

Charles and Cora Taylor
Charles Schlesinger and Joan Jourdan
Helene Kirschbaum and Patricia Schwartzberg
 Anonymous Donors