Scholarship eligibility criteria and application completion (click on link):

MLK Committee Application 2020 revised 11-1-2020

(OPEN APPLICATION IN GOOGLE CHROME! Download application with adobe and sign electronically).

Save file as:   your name MLK 2020 application.

Email application to your guidance counselor for their electronic signature.  

DUE DATE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS IS NOVEMBER 13, 2019. All completed applications must be emailed to no later than midnight, November 13, 2019.  In case there is a problem with sending application electronically, contact your guidance counselor who will contact our representative to pick up a hard copy of the application.  Please note that we prefer all applications be sent electronically to the email address above.


  • Applicant will be a graduating senior from one of the following schools:

Belleview High School, Lake Weir High School, Leesburg High School, Tavares High School, The Villages Charter High School, and Wildwood Middle High School

  • Demonstrate academic ability with a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average (1 page)
  • Use a computer to fill in all applicable information on form.
  • Accuracy and original thoughts are important.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.