The MLK Commemorative Committee, Inc.
Board of Directors

Mr. Robert Janson – President

COL (R) Harry Lumpkin- VP

Dr. Jean Christopher – Secretary

Mrs. Connie Lumpkin – Treasurer


 At-Large Members of the Executive Board.

Mrs. Vivian Neal, Ms. Linda Ware-Brown and Dr. James Schear


Mrs. Barbara Jones, Special Advisor

Committee members:

 Robert Gold,  Cathie Janson,  Ronald Renna, Lee LeFaivre,  Helene Kirschbaum, Rev. Jim Keough

Trustee Emeritus: Dave Dill, Robert Kimbrough, Ree Noyes, Bill Lewis, Karen Lewis,


Privacy Policy:

The MLK  Commemorative Committee is committed to protecting all personal information of the Committee members, donors and scholarship candidates. Personal information will not be provided to outside sources without expressed consent on file from the information contributors.  Committee members will not use personal data to promote political, religious or non-committee related business activities.